"I just love all that you do and I think others will too. You gave me the tools I needed to improve my health and manage the health issues I had. Every day I love myself more and I am so grateful for what my body enables me to do. I have been able to indulge in my sweet tooth whilst at the same time actually cut down on the amount of sugar in my diet. I have been losing weight almost effortlessly. Thank you for your wisdom and support!" 

Alex, Bristol 

"Aside from her vast knowledge of holistic well-being and nutrition, her professionalism and skills, she is one of the most positive and loveliest people I know. Jade genuinely cares about educating individuals about nutrition and wellbeing. She is very interesting to talk to and is passionate about promoting health, self-confidence and happiness from within. I always come away feeling more positive and motivated after seeing Jade!"

Katie, Gloucestershire 

"I attended one of Jade's workshops and it was so amazing! Not only were the treats amazingly yummy (and healthy), but she demonstrated how easy they were to make too! Jade has a lovely and bubbly personality, and she was able to take complicated science-y things, explain them in an inclusive and easy to understand way for everyone there AND make it fun! The time just flew by! I would definitely recommend her workshops to anyone wanting to know more about nutrition, self care and nourishing guilt-free treats. Even as someone with experience in raw food and nutrition, I still learned a lot that I didn't know, so come prepared with a notebook. SO worth it! And I will never get over how good the banana pops are!"

Tori, Stroud 

"The start of 2017 I decided it was time to overhaul my diet. I had been making too many food choices that were showing in how I felt in my body. Enter stage right Jade! She helped me to see that it is all about balance, nurture and being kind to yourself. I am really enjoying the changes to my diet and lifestyle, I feel confident in my food choices. If I do have a naughty treat, it is no big deal. I like the way that I feel, and I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. I have lost a stone in weight… but that has just happened as a side effect of eating better, it was not my main aim. Thank you Jade, your knowledge and support have been fantastic. I really cant recommend Jade enough, get in contact and start your adventure to food freedom now!"

 Tricia, Gloucestershire

"I had only been following my plan for 3 weeks when already I noticed a huge difference in my skin and energy levels. I wanted to know how to use nutrition for health and beauty, as I regularly had break outs that made me feel self-conscious. I spent so much money on make up. Things have continued to change for the better! I thought that I ate healthily, but now I understand how much I was lacking in certain nutrients. Jade wasn't lying when she said I could love the skin I am in!"

Emma, London

"I knew I was overweight, but I was reluctant to go on yet another diet. I was worried about my classification as obese and concerned about the increased risk of future health complications. After my first meeting with Jade, I felt so positive, motivated and inspired. I felt hopeful that I could turn my life around. I started losing weight in the first week, and I have continued to loose weight consistently since. Jade’s advice was practical and enabled me to make changes to my diet with ease. I feel determined to continue with this way of living, I enjoy it and would never go back. Thank you!"

Julie, Oxford

 "Before meeting Jade I really felt that I was addicted to sugary foods, and I did not like the taste of things like fruits and vegetables. I ate chocolate and coke nearly every day, I was tired and I had no confidence in myself. Although eating would sometimes make me feel better, it was the root of my problem.  Today I feel like a totally different person. I eat healthy foods every day that fill me with energy and that taste great. I even take part in exercise now and enjoy it, thanks to feeling better and having greater levels of confidence. My sessions with Jade were an invaluable experience and source of information for improving my health."

Ciara, London

 "Thank you Jade for all your help and professional approach to my nutritional needs. I was impressed with your genuine interest in my health and well-being and our unhurried sessions made me feel I could air all my health concerns with you without being conscious of the time.  I left my first session feeling confident that I will start to feel better in a few months time. You created a food plan for me that I found easy and achievable without the need of making too many food sacrifices.  I am confident I can do this Jade, knowing that I can email you anytime should I have a question. I would totally recommend you to anyone, for you are a true and genuine professional with something extra special - a caring heart. Thank you Jade."

 Lorraine, The Cotswolds

 "I've been thrilled with my new diet plan - I have so much more energy, feel way better in myself, and friends keep commenting on how glowing I look! I had the full Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation with Jade and she was brilliant. She gave me so much of her time and really wanted to understand my eating habits and lifestyle choices, so that she could make the plan work for me. She first built an overall picture of the state of my different body systems before focusing in on the areas that I had particular concerns about and she then built a plan around addressing those concerns. With her help and suggestions, I've definitely noticed a huge improvement in my digestive system, my skin and my overall health. Jade's been sensitive, supportive and although I've made some quite radical changes to my diet, she helped me find  sensible, realistic ways to do it that could be easily integrated into my life without feeling daunting or scary! I would highly recommend Jade to anyone either looking to address specific dietary concerns, or who simply wants to understand more about their diet and their health."

Heather, London  

 "Just got off the phone from Jade who has been my personal nutritionist for the past few weeks. If you are looking to take control of your health and learn more about what foods are good and not so good for you then get in contact with her and she will put together a plan for you, she is so professional and knowledgable! One of my biggest goals this year was to improve my overall health and fitness and I can't thank Jade enough for educating me more on my nutrition!"

Jade, Melbourne Australia